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Swing & Miss (2014)
We're crazy busy in the studio recording the new album! Tracks will be released early for our fans and posted here as they're completed!
King of Fools
• Simple Boy
• Vertigo

King of Fools (2012)
Check out the first album released by Begin Oliver, King of Fools.
King of Fools
Begin Oliver is an original 3-piece band from Corbett, Oregon. Comprised of Joel Detter (vocals / guitars), Jeremiah Wagner (bass) & Mike Ronfeld (drums), we're inspired by our favorite bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Fountains of Wayne, Coldplay, Freedy Johnston, Counting Crows, and Modest Mouse.

Track Release: Miss Celebrity
January, 2014 - We've just released Miss Celebrity, from the upcoming album Swing & Miss. We hope you enjoy this track!
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Miss Celebrity - Lyrics
with all of this space in-between us
they could build an airplane to meet us
tonight i'm gonna take the floor
listen through the pinewood
just what are we waiting for
it gets so complicated girl, i know

she says i'm unwell to be by myself
and me, a pocket full of change worth saving
if we spend one more new york summer waiting
that's alright with me
miss celebrity

with all of these letters between us
they could build a fine home to greet us
tonight i'm gonna take the couch
throw the lights and knock me out
broadway's a million miles
it gets so complicated girl, i know